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Dog on exam table at vet's office in Yellowknife

Welcome to Our Clinic


Looking for a caring and experienced vet in Yellowknife? Situated in the southern industrial area of Yellowknife, Great Slave Animal Hospital’s veterinary clinic has been treating our northern pets since 1991. Dr. Tom Pisz, primary veterinarian, practice owner and animal welfare advocate, has dedicated himself to the needs of our northern pets since the company began. He is a passionate man, with a gruff exterior and a heart of gold. He is also responsible for the many stray animals that somehow find their way to the Great Slave Animal Hospital, some of which require care from a professional vetYellowknife animals he has taken into his care have varied from horses to dogs and cats, to reptiles, birds and other exotics too many to mention.


With the growth of the city has come a growing awareness of the need for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. We are more excited than ever to be of service during this time of change. Our goal is not only to treat our patients but to educate owners on the responsibilities of animal husbandry and bring awareness to our community.


Our services include:

  • Wellness exams

  • Vaccinations

  • Parasite prevention

  • Surgery

  • Permanent pet identification (M4SID microchip implants)

  • Euthanasia and on-site pet cremation

  • Veterinary referral services

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Electrocardiograms

  • Digital radiology

  • On-site laboratory services

  • House calls (not available at this time)

  • Phone consultations


Dental Care for Pets

The team at Great Slave Animal Hospital understand how important it is for pet owners to feel confident in the care they provide their pets in between veterinary appointments. This is especially true for dental care. We’ve put together two helpful videos explaining why regular dental care is crucial for pet and how to properly clean your pet’s teeth. If you have any questions about home dental care for your cat or dog, please contact our office to speak with our vet in Yellowknife.

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